Nikon Full frame Mirrorless Camera; Kerala Launch-Photos

Nikon launched their highly anticipated Full fame Mirrorless camera named as 'Z series' in Kerala on 21st September 2018. In a colorful event held at Hotel Grand Hyatt International Cochin; Famour cinematographer and Nikon mentor Radhakrishnan Chakyatt unveiled the Z series cam. 

With the lightweight design and silent operation, these full frame cameras will attract many professional photographers who all currently using heavier DSLRs. During test capturing Z7 captured extremely good quality pictures and it displayed a decent low light performance.

The new full-frame cameras launched with Z mount facility; other traditional F mount lenses also can be used with a provision of FTZ lens adapter by Nikon. Even Nikon is a bit late in the mirrorless party the welcome gathering at Hotel Grand Hyatt International Cohin was a positive sight. Photographers and photo enthusiasts from the different part of Kerala participated in this event.

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