Nikon launched two Full Frame mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are the cameras having features just like DSLRs or more but they dominate the DSLR with the weight factor. Absolutely the Mirrorless Camera's are the future digital cams but still, it remains as a dilemma in professional photographers whether it will be the viable option for serious photographers who approach photography professionally. Famous camera manufacturing brands like Sony and Panasonic made the plunge into the mirrorless segment very early and Sony made their remarkable punch with a superior full frame mirrorless camera. Sony launched their first full frame camera in 2013 and the late entry of Nikon into this lineup will definitely change the mirrorless game.

Actually, Nikon is not a fresh candidate to this game as they have introduced some mirrorless cameras under 'Nikon 1' series but those were not accepted globally and still remains unknown to the Indian market. These cameras spotted with a smaller size sensor having the dimension of 13.2×8.8 mm. Japanese camera makers which are a part of Mitsubishi who has earned international acclaim for their products launched two brand new Full-Frame cameras named 'Z7' and 'Z6'.

The DSLR market is still dominating the entire camera sale of 70 percent whether mirrorless cams find just 30 percent of the total sales volume. The entry of Nikon will make the market up and it is just heating up the competition. As many brands join the mirrorless war DSLR with its heavy size and weight will lose its dominance. Out of these two new mirrorless cameras, Z7 remains the high-end one and Z6 is much economical for the budget keen photo enthusiasts.

Z7 will cost  2,70,000 and will be available in Indian camera shops from September 27. Z6 is coming with a comparatively cheaper price tag of 1,70,000. Both cams come with a Z mount compatible body. You can use newly developed Z mount lenses on it and provision is also there to use old F mount compatible lenses on these cams with an FTZ adapter manufactured by Nikon. The launch of Nikon full frame cameras in Kerala was held at Hotel Grand Hayat International on 21st September 2018. Famous actor and cinematographer Radhakrishnan Chakyatt unveiled the Mirrorless newborn.

Nikon Z7 with a superior 45.7 MP Sensor

Nikon Z7 is joining the existing full frame mirrorless lineup with the 45.7-megapixel Backside illuminated CMOS sensor and it is powered by an Expeed 6 image processor. It is having an ISO range of 64 to 25600 which can be again extended up to 1,02,400. This camera boasts its 'Z mount' which is the first camera integrated with the Z mount. This camera features 9 FPS continuous shooting ability and it offers 493 Hybrid focusing points. A 3.2-inch touch enabled review screen offers a 37-degree viewing angle.

Nikon Z6 comes with better shooting speed

Nikon Z6 comes with a 24.5 Megapixel Backside Illuminated(BSI) CMOS sensor. This FX  camera has an ISO range of 100 to 51200 and also powered by  Expeed 6 image processor just as Z7. when compared to the predecessor this mirrorless cam has only 273 autofocus points but it features a highspeed continuous shooting ability of 12 fps.

Both cams coming with a body size of 134 x 100.5 x 67.5 with just 585 gm Size. Also, they don't have an integrated inbuilt flash system.

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