Mozilla launched Android password manager

With the numerous apps in mobile remembering passwords of each are turned out to be a herculean task. In order to solve this situation, Mozilla has just launched a reliable password vault where all your passwords can store securely.

The launch of a new product can be considered as a part of Mozilla's effort to distinguish them from their competitors. Nowadays they are trying to focus strongly on privacy and security. Newly launched ‘Firefox Lockbox’ app which is free to Android users will be a new salvo in the privacy-centered efforts of Mozilla.

With this application each user of Mozilla Firefox can safely store their passwords in this app and it ensures the users to remain logged into their favorite services and apps. The initial setup of this password manager is hassle free and they made it as simple as they can.

According to the gadget’s feature, the passwords synced to each app in mobile can be used and managed with face recognition or fingerprint sensor. Mozilla ensures that the password data is truly encrypted and even Mozilla won’t read those data. Mozilla also recently launched one peer to peer file sending app called ‘Firefox send’.

This app was already there in Apple store for iOS devices and Mozilla claimed around 50,000 users downloaded the app yet. After launching the iOs version it took around nine months to build and publish its Android counterpart. 
You can download the app Here

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