Queerythm Pridewalk 2019 at Manaveeyam-Photos

Queerythm, LGBTIQ Community is a registered CBO for the rights and lives of sexual and gender minorities. Queerythm organized a Pridewalk in the capital on 17th March 2019. The ‘Pride Walk’ held in the city on Sunday was more of a matter of dignity for the sexual and gender minorities in the state.

Rather than just asserting their right to exist they are nowadays gradually becoming a part of the mainstream community and they are much contributing to the well being of the society and individuals around them. The walk organized by Queerythm on last Sunday was the second edition of this novel venture. First edition of Pride Walk made its mark in the Manaveeyam street of Thiruvananthapuram in 2017.

Queerythm aims to hold up and direct LGBTIQ personnel to improve their welfare, develop their skills & confidence and thus reduce their feelings of estrangement. Queerythm was Founded officially in 2017 May, they have a strength of about 50 permanent members who come from a variety of fields including art, academics and various professional and creative fields.

They have an identifiable number of gay, bisexual, transgender, lesbian and intersex persons as our members. They also have efficient resource persons who supporting them to manage medical, legal and media-related issues. The team meets together every month in Alliance Francaise, the French Cultural Centre in Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram. And the meeting is conducted on every first Saturday of each month.

The Queerythm community, which stands for the rights and visibility of gender-sex minorities in Kerala, is also launched a number of new initiatives this year. The Queer Pride walk was the first ever LGBTIQ-sex-sexual minority event and get together in Thiruvananthapuram after the Supreme Court's Historical IPC 377 verdict.

The queer pride event turned up as a resurgence of homosexual and homosexuals, the transgender human and other sex and gender minorities. This time the pride slogan was 'Let's walk for equality'. The event highlighted green protocol and that the queer pride event was conducted without using any plastic and non-organic materials. For the first time in Kerala, parents and parents of LGBTIQ people attended this event with their children.

Prior Pride Word awareness programs were conducted in five colleges by Queerythm. Famous movie and theatre artist who is also a member of Women in Cinema Collective (WCC); Archana Padmini inaugurated the cultural event at Manaveeyam Veedhi.

LGBTIQ community members all over the country, their parents, family members, masses, volunteers, Kudumbashree activists, literacy mission activists, community &bcultural activists, and rotary club office bearers participated in the queer pride event.

On March 17, at 4.30 pm, the Kunnukuzhi ward councilor of the Thiruvananthapuram corporation Mr.IP Binu did the flag off of the Pride walk in front of University College, Trivandrum.  The first full LGBTIQ theater group in the country named 'Q-Rang' also performed at Manaveeyam veedhi after the Pride walk.

The pride venue also released the platform of the Jwala, a Kudumbashree venture, for the  Transgender community.  The dance and music festival led by renowned model and dancer Dipti Kalyani and the music mantra featured the famous DJ shine were the attraction of the event.

     Photos: Syed Shiyaz Mirza , +9809385113, www.facebook.com/syedshiyazmirza
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