Workshop on Machine Learning & Convolutional Neural Networks

The Technical Forum of Prathidhwani, the welfare organization of IT Employees, will be conducting a technical workshop on Machine Learning & Convolutional Neural Networks on Saturday, the 30th of March 2019, at Travancore Hall, Technopark.

This is the sixteenth installment of a series of technical workshops being organized by Prathidhwani Technical Forum, for the IT employees working across various companies at Technopark. The workshop will commence by 09:30 AM and will be handled by Dr. Dilip Thomas, a leading consultant in Machine Learning and Mr. Arthur Wellesly, Lead Engineer (AI) at Cyclode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and is expected to end by 04.30 PM. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are disruptive technologies that will define the future of the IT space, and Prathidhwani is committed to providing opportunities for the native IT workforce to scale up towards handling these technology advances. The workshops that we conduct are aimed towards democratizing the knowledge gap that is emerging with the rapid technological changes and advances, by providing a hands-on experience to the IT employees of Technopark.

The entry to the workshop is totally free of cost and is open for all those who are working in the IT sector within and outside Technopark. For registration, entrants can visit the website, and may contact Noushad at 9633331678 or Sreeni Dony - 96567 30449 for further details. 

Owing to the latest trends of layoffs common in the IT industry, Prathidhwani strives to acquaint and train the skilled technologists of Technopark with the latest technologies and trends in the IT world. Machine Learning and Convoluted Neural Networks will be the sixteenth edition of the series of workshops conducted by Prathidhwani’s Technical forum, and has been preceded by similar one day workshops on Robotic Process Automation, Performance testing with J-Meter, Selenium Automation, Software estimation techniques, Google Go language and Docker technologies, Java, Angular-4, Rust Programming Language workshop, Microservices and Soft-skill workshops . Prathidhwani conducting similar technical workshops on a monthly basis.

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