Now you can verify WhatsApp Messages whether fake or not

Nowadays WhatsApp became one of the main means for spreading false information among the public. Many times cybersecurity officials of government asked for a solution from WhatsApp to curb these kinds of messages. To answer back WhatsApp has been actively introducing features in order to restrain the spreading of fake news or false information through this widely used messaging platform. In the latest shift, the Facebook-owned company has launched a “tip-line” facility which is basically a helpline to check the authenticity of messages shared.

If any of the WhatsApp users having a doubt regarding the authenticity of a message they have received; then for checking whether it is fake or not the feedback number can be used. The fact-checking service offered by WhatsApp has a phone number +919643000888 as the feedback  number for verifying messages. Mainly with this latest move the company hopes to restrain the spread of misinformation and rumors in its largest market ahead of the general elections which is going to start on 11th of April 2019. 

They can review messages in four regional languages along with English. 

The four languages are: 
  • Hindi 
  • Telugu 
  • Bengali 
  • Malayalam

In order to provide this “tip-line” service to WhatsApp users, the company is working with an Indian media startup named ‘Proto’ who will help the user to verify the information. They will review and verify the message shared by the user as to whether it is true/false/ misleading, disputed /out of scope. This startup will also help in creating a database of rumors.

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