Now you can hide replies in Twitter

The world’s most famous microblogging platform Twitter is globally rolling out a new feature called 'hiding replies’.This new feature enables users to hide replies on the Twitter platform. By using this recently introduced feature, every user can choose whether to hide or show the replies by other users to their tweets. Actually, twitter had started testing this hiding reply feature back in the month of July this year.

With this feature, you can hide the replies which are not relevant or annoying. Many users started using this feature since its launch day. Also, everyone can see and engage with hidden replies by tapping an icon that will appear on the tweets which have hidden reply. This feature also enables the user to hide replies without blocking a user.

Before adding up this new feature the company considered the fact that social media networks have become one of the major platforms for trolls, spreading of fake news and negative comments. The Hiding replies facility would definitely allow all twitter users to control the privacy of their conversations in a better way.

Along with this feature twitter also made some important security changes that will help everyone who all use two-factor authentication. With the help of this update, users can disable SMS based two-factor authentication and they can receive authentication codes by third-party apps or by a dedicated security key. This security update will help you access the two-factor verification code while you are not in a position to receive SMS; like on a long flight.

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