Best 3 Alternatives To CamScanner App For Android Smartphones

The ban on some Chinese apps forced us to find apt alternatives. A major one in the list is cam scanner; it has gained huge popularity in India. This app supported android and ios devices to function as image scanners. This app was used widely to scan images or documents and share those as JPEG or PDF. Now I am trying to find the best alternative to this banned cam scanner app.

1. Google Drive Scanner

The most popular file storage and synchronizing service from google; 'Drive' can be used to scan images and documents in pdf and later it can be uploaded in the drive itself. It is very easy to use this facility. Just download Google Drive from the Play Store and launch the application on your smartphone. 

In the mobile interface of google drive, you can see a plus (+) button and you can just tap on that option to scan the images.  while tapping on the plus you could see 'Scan' along with some other options. Tap on scan then the camera will be opened and ask for scanning or capturing the photograph of the required image then you can proceed by a tap on tick button. After that you can make color mode changes, do crop and rotate the scanned image then finally it can be saved to the google drive folders. After this process, you can see the pdf in google drive and you can easily share the pdf wherever you want.

2. Adobe Scan 

This app helps you to scan the images and it also included the OCR feature. To use this app just download the Adobe Scan app from the play store. Launch the application in your smartphone then sign in with your google of Facebook apps. I just signed in with my google account and there appeared some options like whiteboard, form, document, and business card. 

Choose the appropriate option as per your scanning requirement. I have chosen for document and pressed the shutter button of the camera then the app asked for adjusting the borders of scan and also provided an option for retaking the picture. Similarly, you can add multiple pages if you are scanning a document or book with more than one page. Finally, it will convert into a pdf file and you can share or save the link for future use. A provision for identifying the text on the image is also included in the app you can make use of it; if necessary.

3. Microsoft Office Lens 

 Microsoft Office lens is a pocket pdf scanner to scan documents and convert them to pdf files.  First of all, you need to install this app from Playstore then launch the app on your smartphone give permission to access your camera then tap on start scan then the app will ask some privacy-related options after that it will launch the scanner. 

one of the advantage among the three listed apps here this one has the feature of smart edge detection; this will make your scanning easier. then tap on confirm. from the next window, you can add images or apply filters and can do cropping, rotate, add text, etc. After taping on done you can save this to Gallery, Can save as PDF also can share to word application as OCR document and to Powerpoint application. Also, you can use the immersive reader to read the scanned images. 

The last one on the list is my favorite. Choose yours as per your utility and ease of use.

Author : Syed ShiyazMirza | WhatsApp +91 9809385113

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