Google announced new feature; Android phones will send earthquake alerts

Another helpful and impressive feature is announced by google that would alert android users about the earthquake before it happens. Google announced this feature on 11th august 2020 and they have claimed that this feature is already developed and will be available soon globally. The mini seismometer facility on mobile is already launched by google in California and expected to be rolled out in more countries shortly. 

This facility will let android users to easily get alerts on earthquakes before it takes place. This timely and helpful information will help android users and their family members to move into a safer zone. The search engine giants are also planning to launch different levels of alerts for different types of earthquakes. The company also plans to work with seismologists in and around the globe to give more accurate alerts on earthquakes.

Mini seismometer facility on android handphones will make use of accelerometers to alert the users on earthquake. One thing to be noted that this facility will be available on Huawei phones and other Chinese phones which does not use Google services on their smartphones. So it won't require any update to make use of this facility as this facility is rolling out as google mobile service.

The data acquisition process from different android users with the help of an innovative algorithm helps google to alert users about earthquakes. This alert facility will be helpful to the people who all are living in the areas where the seismograph based alert facility is not available.   

Author: Syed Shiyaz Mirza | Whatsapp +91-9809385113

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