Enable two-step verification in WhatsApp for better Security of your account

Nowadays WhatsApp is a very common application in almost all smartphones. To protect the WhatsApp in smartphones and other gadgets that use internet connectivity; the Facebook-owned company implemented many features so far. One of the important feature you need to know is the 'Two-step verification'.

Two-step verification is an optional security feature provided by WhatsApp. This feature can add more security to your account on WhatsApp. If you have enabled this feature; you can add a PIN to your WhatsApp account. If anyone tries to hack your account or attempt to log in from another phone or device; it will ask for the secret PIN. So you can secure the account with creating such PIN.WhatsApp lets you create a six-digit PIN for enabling your WhatsApp account more secure.

How to How to enable two-step verification in WhatsApp


To enable two-step verification first of all open your WhatsApp application then go to settings by tapping on the three dots on the right-hand side of the application interface; just as shown in the picture below.

While you tap on the three dots as shown above. A pop-up menu will appear like this and just tap on settings to navigate forward.


From settings menu tap on 'Accounts' to configure the two-step verification in your WhatsApp account which is currently working on your device.


After tapping on Accounts you can see a window like this. From here the process of Two-step authentication is about to begin. Before doing all these you need to find out a six-digit pin that can easily be recollected by you; equally, it must be difficult to guess by others.  Tap on Two-Step Verification


Just after you tap on Two-Step Verification the interface will navigate to this screen and you can visible an 'Enable' button below this screen. (That button is not here in this picture)


The next step is the most important one and here you need to enter a six-digit PIN. This personal identification number is to be recollected for future re-installations or fresh installations and may also ask during update. In order to remind you this PIN WhatsApp periodically prompts you to enter the PIN.So please don't forget it. 

Just after entering this six-digit PIN you need to re-enter the same once more as a confirmation of setting up the PIN u have already entered. Here enter the PIN once more and tap on next.


When you are trying to enable this feature on your WhatsApp account, also you can also enter your email address; which is optional. But it will help you reset the PIN once you forget your PIN. So in my point of view entering your e-mail id which is active to be provided for better safety of your account. WhatsApp will send you the link to this email id to disable the two-step verification.  Also please note that WhatsApp won't verify the mail id at any point in this two-step verification. so please enter the mail id without any error. If you fail to enter the mail Id properly then there may be a chance to a lockdown of your account if you forget your PIN.

after entering your mail id you can navigate forth by taping on the Next button. To safeguard your account you need to enter the mail id once again. You have to re-enter the previously given mail id here.

Through these steps, you can finally see this screen which gives a confirmation on your Two-Step verification. his screen will tell you that; Two-Step Verification is enabled.

After enabling the two-step verification, you can't reverify your number within 7 days.  if you forgot the PIN and not provided the email id to reset the PIN then you can reverify the WhatsApp account without PIN only after 7 days' time. During these 7 days, you won't able to use that account and after 7 days you can re-verify without  PIN but please remember that after this you won't allow retrieving pending messages during the lockdown period of 7 days and those will be deleted. Another thing is that; if you are trying to reverify the account without PIN after 30 days your present account and its database will completely be erased and WhatsApp will create a brand new account for that number. So always remember the PIN to avoid these complications.

Author: Syed Shiyaz Mirza | WhatsApp: +91 9809385113

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