How to set default YouTube video quality in your Mobile Phone

Google allows you to choose the video quality by default in YouTube mobile application. This option is very useful if you are watching videos from your mobile phone by consuming cellular data and also using office or home Wi-Fi connectivity. We have to set the option separately for mobile and wi-fi usage. Automatic quality or adaptive quality option is provided in both mobile and cellular quality options.

Here I am going to demonstrate how you can change the default video quality in YouTube mobile application. This option will definitely help you to limit the data consumption or to enable data saver facility on your cellular data.

Step 1: Open Your YouTube mobile app

Step 2: On the right top of the app tap on your channel display image or profile picture

Step 3: Navigate to Settings and Tap on it

Step 4: You will see Video Quality Preferences- Tap on it

Step 5: You will see options to set video quality on Mobile and wi-fi

Step 6: Choose the quality option according to your convenience

Auto: This option adjusts the settings to give you the best experience for your connectivity and device based conditions.

Higher picture quality: This option uses more data also videos may take longer to start or may buffer frequently; it won’t happen if you have a better connectivity.

Data saver: This option will allow you to choose the Lower picture quality. In this condition videos may start instantly but quality may be poor.

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